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Our goal is to feature the content on CP Dubai's web pages in such a way that each visitor can easily access the information he or she is looking for. The design of our web pages complies with the guidelines of the W3C Consortium. The Consortium aims to create standards for the design of web pages based on standardized guidelines WCAG. Our aim is not to implement these guidelines blindly, but rather to customize the content according to users needs. Any online development will be regularly monitored and optimized towards this goal. We have built our website to set rules and standards that guarantee the highest possible level of user-friendliness. We continuously check our standards and adapt them to changing demands, based on feedback we receive from visitors.

What is accessibility?
Accessible Internet involves online services that can be used without limitations by everyone regardless of physical and / or technical abilities. These include people with or without physical disabilities, as well as those with technical or age-related limitations. Web crawlers used by search engines to copy the content of web pages are also given the best possible support.

Structure of the CP Dubai website
The CP Dubai corporate website consists of four main sections:
1. The Amul section provides an overview of all Amul products; this will be of interest to all CP Dubai stakeholders interested in Amul products.
2. The Tea section provides an overview of all tea products; this will be of interest to all CP Dubai stakeholders interested in tea.
3. In the About section, we describe our clients, suppliers, business and our history.
4. The Contact section provides Contact details.

Compliance with standards
All pages of this website attempt to comply with the Accessibility Guidelines or General Principles of Accessible Design from the Web Accessibility Initiative working group of the W3C.

Tell us what you think
Please inform us of any problems you might encounter using our website. We will be happy to consider your suggestions to better align our services with your needs. For suggestions and comments, please use the Contact form.

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