66 years of excellence
Amul Pasteurised Butter Unsalted

As legendary Amul commercials have claimed for decades, Amul has been churning utterly-butterly-delicious butter for more than six decades. Made by modern continuous butter making machines, Amul butter is generally used as a spread and as a condiment, as well as in cooking applications such as baking, sauce making and frying.

Amul Pasteurised Butter Unsalted is considered by many to be indispensable for cooking and baking. Like its salted version, Amul Pasteurised Butter Unsalted is natural, pure and has been trusted and enjoyed around the world. It is a product that contains the essence of rural India.

Most recipes call for unsalted butter because the chef can then control the seasoning. The range of cooking uses is practically endless from dessert pastries to fillet steaks. Unsalted butter infuses a great flavour within food. Additionally, adding butter to sauces and gravies at the end of a cooking procedure thickens, improves the look giving the sauce or gravy a shine, and adds depth to the flavour.

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